Happy Birthday Little Princess!

A few days ago, our baby girl celebrated her 1st birthday. I can’t believe how fast time flies! Taking photos of babies and young kids just reminded me of all the challenges photographers who specialise in this area face everyday – hats off to you. Getting Audrey to stay still was nigh on impossible; with…

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Easter Egg Hunt

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Jeremy had been looking forward to it for weeks – constantly asking when the Easter Bunny was hopping by to place chocolates around our garden. Come Sunday morning, we led Jeremy in to the garden and to his delighted surprise he started spotting chocolate easter eggs as…

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Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe how incredibly fast the year 2015 has come and (almost) gone. It’s been a good year though, with our biggest achievements in welcoming our baby girl into the world and moving houses. Christmas time is an exciting time for the family: Jeremy is really looking forward to receiving all his presents from…

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3 Months Old Already!

Time flies! Before we knew it, our baby girl has learnt to flip over on to her belly by herself and she’s enjoying tummy time whenever she can. Her little smiles and gargles are just melting our hearts. Who would’ve thought that we could still have so much love to give to a second child…

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Welcome to the world Miss Audrey!

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind since the birth of our little girl Audrey Charlotte. My hubby and I thought that with Audrey being our second child we’d have the newborn thing in the bag but her sleeping and feeding patterns are completely different to that of our son! Despite being sleep deprived…

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Jimmy & Sookie

I’ve just recently returned from a fabulous couple of days in Saint-RaphaĆ«l in the good company of family, friends and a weekend of jazz music with the annual “Festival de Jazz” taking place. During last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the engagement photo session of two close friends – Jimmy and Sookie. The…

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Summer Glory

With summer now here, I’d rather be no where else but in sunny southern France where I am right now (as much as I regularly long to return to my homeland of Australia!). Yes it can get pretty warm here but it’s not sizzling and unbearingly hot like the Australian summer. My little Jeremy has…

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Sunny Spring Weekend

I just adore springtime! Colourful flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and it’s just the perfect weather to go out. Jeremy has been walking on his own for a while now and growing more confident by the day – a little too much for my liking sometimes as proven by the bumps and…

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Reflecting on 2013

It’s been a couple of months since I updated my blog and I just wanted to look back on the year that is coming to an end in all but one day. Photography wise my outings for landscapes were extremely limited, but I got to explore portraiture and flash photography that I never really felt…

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6 months old

Time is flying by so fast… I can’t believe my boy is going to be 7 months old at the end of the month!! I just love taking photos of Jeremy whenever I can. This shot was a bit of a hit and miss (lesson learned: have my speedlight close by and ready!) but I’m…

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